The Gathering of the Gargoyles:  Orlando/2000


I finally got my pics uploaded!!

No thumbnails though, sorry.   But I will try to give a nice detailed discription of all the fun!

Erin and Ben Weisman join Becca Morgan for some more interesting things to do than listen to Greg talk.  ;)

Ben shows off a few yo-yo tricks for me


Sara "Jubilee" Hutchison (G2K Con chair), finds the time for her 4th year in the Radio Play!

Thom Adcox-Hernandex (voice of Lexington) .. this is only his 2nd year in the Radio Play. :P

Another pic of Thom... what a cutie!!

Beth, Erin and Ben Weisman kick back to watch the Radio Play (Ben fell asleep about 10 minutes in).

Greg W. reads the narrative as we all sit back and wait for our cues.

Lanny waiting off stage before the play.


Aimee tells me what she thinks of me taking a picture.  Meredith seems to have a bad case of Red-eye... or someone pissed her off.... it's a gargs thing. :P

Aimee helps Kythera with her wings.

Alison um.... dancing in the puddle of water in our room.  O.o

Another pic of Alison's happy feet in the puddle... Those little dots are the water splashing up.

The reason our room flooded.   Raining gargs and beasts outside and our gutter was clogged... so it was a nice little fountain into our room.. I think i will send this one to the hotel :P.


Christine abandoned her family with me so she could sit at the Celebrity table.  Doesn't Tim look HAPPY??


Aimee!   You missed a spot!

Mitch, does that tickle?   Patrick is in the background.

The painting process continues... what this guy will do to get gawked at!

Mitch, Aimee... smile while you get slathered in paint!

Um... I think I saw a porno that started like this once... bow chicka bow bow!

Aimee suffers from con OVER STIMULATION!


Me as Demona from the episode "Sanctuary", and Aimee as Felecia from Dark Stalkers.

Meredith gets 'catty'

Kenna "Elisagoyle" goes as a Zelgadis type Chimera.  (I really should keep a better eye on my face paints!)

Standing in line for the contest.  Coyote Bando, Denis, ?, Siren, Eden, Mara, ?

That purple thing is Alison (MAN she made a mess with that stuff!!)   Mitch, is that your sword or are you just happy to see me?

Hey... what is Janet Reno doing with Maggie the Cat??   OH WAIT!   That's Patrick Toman and Kathy Pogge as Capt. Chavez and Maggie!

Dreamie "Dont you wish you had my abs and my first place award!"   what a costume!!

Kythera as... well... Kythera.  rawrr....  rawrr....  (In joke for those who took the animation tour at MGM).

Jessie Feff as Titania

Mitch!!  You got it all wrong!   Jericho is suppose to be grumpy and brooding!!  Quit smilin!

Demona and Jericho.   COME TO MOMMA!   LOL

Janet Reno again... I mean... DAMN...  Captain Chavez and... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???

CrzyDemona in her finest.. I got 2nd place!

Kathy and Aimee.... Kitty girls UNITE!

Tim Morgan in his award winning 'Owen' costume.   I kept hearing Tim's voice but couldn't figure out where he went!  Totally didn't recognize him.

Jericho poses pretty for mommie!

Thomas Forsythe as Preston Vogel.


Aimee finds a pot of gold.

... and now it is Mitch's turn.

MGM Studios

Karine "Kanthara" gets run over with the steam roller from Roger Rabbit.

Thom Adcox, Kenna "Elisagoyle", Patrick "Chavez" as we hang out in front of the replica of the Mann's Chinese Theater.


Patrick and Kythera in line FOREVER at US Air.


This is the cuteness I got to come home to!  My son, Fox.

Fox and that big hairy guy I live with... what's his name again?

ALAN!... his name is Alan... and that old "daddy chair" (as he calls it) has GOT to go!

and...  Fox gets caught playing with the camera... he swears he was just getting my keys and that Sydney (his sister) took the picture.

Story time and then time for bed!  (please note Sydney's artistic abilities coming out in the furniture and walls)

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