The Gathering of the Gargoyles:  Los Angeles 2001

Added some more pics...  probably have a few more to go in a few days when I finally get the last of the film!!  :)

Jamie Murray starts us off with a bang!  (Mommy?  What's a con virgin?)
Lexy gets a special surprise from the G2001 con staff.  FAN GUEST OF HONOR!
She nearly made me cry with her speech.
Siryn and Jubilee discuss the NEXT Gathering in Virginia Beach!


Crispin Freeman, cast as Broadway, runs to take his spot.
Thom Adcox gets cast as Lex... what a stretch, huh?
Criminal line up?  or the Radio Play??  Those two on the end look a bit shady to me.
Zehra as Elisa, Lanny as Goliath, Morgan Sheppard as Hudson, Thom as Lex.
Now you can see Batya at the end (she plays a MEAN Angela!)
It probably would have been a good idea to separate Thom, Morgan and Crispin.  Trouble makers, the lot of them.
Front row full of Canmores!  And doesn't Greg look just YUMMY and CUTE in his glasses?!
Crispin and Batya as Broadway and Angela... oh yeah... and me as Demona. (Greg gets extra lovin's for that casting decision.)


The line up.  Neil Dickson, Cree Summer, Thom Adcox, Keith David, Jeff Bennett, Gregg Rainwater, Elisa Gabrielli, Crispin Freeman.
Not a Voice Actor, but still a HAM!  ... my son, Fox.


PRE- Masque - Steph puts on my Fox wig.  She looks eerily like a 1970's sitcom character.
Steph looks like she's feeling a little... um... anxious.
The line up of Judges.
Aimee and Mitch as Kida and Milo from Atlantis.
Taking a bow after a stunning performance.
Aimee and Mitch rehearsing their skit in my room.
Karine as Utena... "Grant me the power to bring the world revolution!"
Karine!  Put that thing away before someone loses an eye!
Utena draws the sword of Dios
Kythera as her character Phoenix.
Kythera again... this time the FRONT of her.
Watch out ... she's armed.
Phoenix marks her territory.
Hudson never had a chance...
Demona May suprises me with a GREAT Dominque Destine from "Sanctuary"
The line up of costumes
One of the most AMAZING costumes I have EVER seen.  MorningSong blows away the judges.
Hudsyn as Broadway.
Jannie and Denis
Becca as Elisa... don't mess with this de-tec-tive
Thom has trouble keeping his pants on.
Greg had trouble trying to see Thom take his pants off.
Kathy Morgan wins for best cleavage?  Did Greg make up these categories!?  heh heh
Kathy Morgan again
Greg awards Thom and Crispin the BEST COUPLE award for their antics at dinner.
I missed them kissing AGAIN... damn it!
Me and Myhr, Patrick and Seth peek into the shot as well.
Me and Sydney Garstang... we go WAY back
Aaron (dressed as Fox) finally awards Thom with "Backstreet Boys" underwear
Cindy was STUNNING in her Titania costume, even though Staff wasn't eligible to win prizes, Greg gave her a thumbs up anyway.
Close up of Cindy as Titania
Alison doesn't want to leave.

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