Orin - Who is she, where did she come from?

Orin   Orin   Orin   Orin   Orin and Coraly

Name: Orin
Age:  Hatched in 1942, she is
60 years old. (Gargoyles age at half the rate of humans.  Human equivalent is 30 years)

Species: Gargoyle, Scottish stock

Gender: Female

Height: 7' tall

Weight: 220 lbs

Wingspan:  16' wide

Skin color:  White with a slight blue hue...  you know, like Non-fat milk!

Hair color:  Green

Eye color: Lavender

Wing color:  Light green underside, Dark green outer.

Home:  Hatched and raised in Scotland, sent to Manhattan for a special project with her close friend Gwynevere.  Currently living in Manhattan. 

Appearance: Two horns on her brow that sweep back across her head.  Usually wears her hair in a ponytail high on top of her head.   Her large glider type wings have an extra 'finger' and flap.

Mate: Her mate, Sayer, was crushed in a construction accident during the building of a new high tech fortress home for the Scottish clan.  A needless death that haunts her.

Children:  None

Profession:  She is a healer.  She was taught the old ways of sorcery to help heal and protect, but also is fully trained in modern medicine.  She's a bit cold and bitter about her ability to heal since she was unable to save her mate with her skills.

Hobbies:  She loves to read and she often writes poetry.  The old spellbook that she uses for her healing magic has many old poems about gargoyles in it (some human, some fae, some gargoyle... but all pertaining to gargoyles and their way of life through the years).  She has put many of these to music and when she can, she will sneak away to someplace quiet and sing them to herself.

Friends:  She is both friend and mentor to Dr. Gwynevere Wallace.  Dr. Wallace grew up with Orin in the Old Fortress and sees her as a strict big sister.  Orin thinks that Gwyn doesn't take her job as a doctor seriously enough, especially with Gwyn's natural gifts for the job.

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