Fantasy Art


Foxy Furry   Random furry - just some foxy chick ;)

Xania Lore  Another doodle of Xania, her eyes are WAY too close together. o.O

Xania in elf form   Xania Lore - A dragonkin that I use to roleplay online - Elf Form

Xania in Dragonkin form   Xania Lore - 1/2 & 1/2

Xania in Dragon form  Xania Lore - Full dragonkin form   (I will color these someday)

   Okay, so this pic should probably go in my "Old Art" section. This was a video game character  that I drew from the poster that came with the game.  (I KNOW ... she looks like Helen Hunt... unintentional, I promise)

   Here is a fairy that started as a doodle.  I dont like it... but I am baring all.

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