Here you will find drawings inspired and commissioned by fanfic writers.

(even a few from my own fanfic)

Had to move some stuff off this slow moving page!! :)
Fanfic Archive
Updated March 3, 2001

March 3, 2001

Bad Girls! - For Christine Morgan's latest romp with the Gargoyles world.  "Bad Girls"  Read it here!   You won't regret it!

MGC Entry.  Oedipus and Jocasta (Played here by Jericho and Demona).  I got runner up!!

Orin - This was my first Ebay auction.  She sold suprisingly well. :)

Damien   "Damien"  Christine Morgan again inspires... She has been talking about this bad boy for awhile now, so when she finally wrote him out, I HAD to do character design for him!  Thanks for giving me the opportunity Christine!

  "Venus"  A gift for my good friend, Scott Mercure.  This is his fanfic character, Venus.  Thanks for putting up with me Scott!

Jericho Wet  "Jericho"  Christine Morgan was sick so I drew her a little "get well soon" gift.  >:)   Really, my intentions were pure!

Lina Inverse as a garg! "LinaGarg?"  A collaboration between me and my friend Kenna.  She drew it I colored it in! :)   If you are a 'Slayers' Fan, then you will appreciate this one!

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