Original Gargoyles Characters

I figured I had enough pics to open up this wing.

Had to make at least ONE page on my web site "Greg Friendly"

All cannon characters... all the time. :)

Demona - A birthday present for my friend, Greg.  Nudity Warning!

Sexy Demona   A gift pic for Aaron.  I think I am going to add the tail and legs so this is still a work in progress.  "Evil shouldn't look this good".

Conte Demona  Kythera introduced me to Conte Crayons.  So I tried something a little different with my favorite Gargess.

Mystique Demona  An entry for MGC, Demona as Mystique from X-Men.

G99 Poster   My winning poster for the G99 Poster contest.

Young Hudson Christine Morgan's version of Young Hudson (see what happens when Greg Weisman shows us Gargoyles Goodies at the Gatherings...  it inspires Creativity Demons)

Pretty Sailor Gargoyles! A crossover pic between Sailor Moon and Gargoyles!   Who would have thunk it!?


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