I like to role play some of the characters from the Gargoyles realm.

Here are some of my friends characters... and some scenes from our times online.

Had to archive more stuff... Check here if a pic you are looking for is MIA :)

CrzyDemona Archive
(all pics with Demona in them)

Other Characters Archive
(Pics of any other characters in the RP world)

Orin and Coraly - Commissioned by Karine... her character, Coraly and my character, Orin, kick some ass together!

Orin - Just a quick doodle of Orin.   Obviously not happy.

Kanth  Again with the Utena thing??  Jen... you gotta knock that off!!  For my good friend, Karine!  Her gargoyle character in the style of her favorite Anime!!  (I knew you would get hooked on it!!)

Orin  A commission I did of Orin (my own Fanfic character).  I really like how this one turned out, but it scanned really badly.  :(

Orin  Orin again, this time in the style of "Magic Knights of Rayearth"   I was going to sell this on Ebay but Karine snagged it from me first!  :)  Thanks Karine!

Kythera - She sorta dared me to draw her in anime style.  >:)   She has Kenshin hair!!

To the NEWBIES! - These amazing art chicks did a little tribute page for us old broads.  So we did a thanks you back.

ZelGarg - another one that Kenna drew and I colored.  ISNT HE CUTE!!!  ::snuggles her little ZelGarg::

Orin Nude  This was the 2nd place winner in computer art at Gathering 99 in Dallas!   Orin in her birthday suit. :P

'Goyles   A gift for my good friend and constant inspiration, Aimee Major.  Her character Raven and my character Orin.

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