BEWARE... Reality ahead!

Well, I finally got around to making room for all my art that reflects real life.
(I bet you all thought I lived in a fantasy world ALL the time... nah... just MOST of the time!)

Most of this art is really old, but I plan to add more current stuff soon!

Updated 02/06/2000
Jaime This is a pic I did of my sister when I was about 17.  She was 11 at the time.

Mike Mike Hammett, I grew up with this guy, we dated on and off through out high school.  Once again, this pic is VERY old.

Kelly  My ex husband, Kelly.  He was 16 when I started this drawing.  Never finished it.

Dino1  I did a project for a company that makes Audioanimitronic dinosaurs for museums.  They had me draw up some Dinosaurs from their collection so that they could make a coloring book/information pamplet out of it.  They kept all the final drawings, these are the roughs I still have... EEK, I drew these 12 years ago!!

Dino2  Another dino!  (A baby apatasaurus!!)

Dino3  and another... COMPY!!  I loved those little buggars in Jurassic Park. >:)

Dino4  and another... Dimetron

Dino5  Close up shot.  I LOVE THIS ONE!!

Dino6  T-Rex... this one was the best of the final pics, and ironically, the worst of the roughs. >:P

Conte Landscape  Kythera recently introduced me to Conte Crayons on her last visit to California.  She forced me to draw this and I had a BLAST!
::HUGS to Kyt::

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