Crzy's Links

My collection of favorite places to be on the web~

STATION EIGHT - the place for it all.  Pictures, chat, comment rooms, ASK GREG... ETC!

THE GARGOYLES FAN WEBSITE - The ORIGINAL Gargoyles web page.  No better place to go for fanfic and info.

THE MORGAN'S WEBSITE - Christine Morgan... MASTER of all things Fanfic.  Also has a gallery dedicated to her characters and Gathering Essays from every Gathering!  One of my very best online friends.  (her husband is pretty okay too)  :)

AIMEE'S STUDIO - ART CHICKS RULE!  One of the first places I drop in on when I log on.  Great art and a wonderful RL friend. MOO!

GATHERING 2000 - Information about the next Gathering of Gargoyles in Orlando, FL!  Sign up on their mailing list!

SEA OF CHAOS - Kenna is one of my most twisted friends... and often my partner in art.  She has a new home here at art-chicks too!

THE NETHERSPHERE - Stephanie's wonderful world of art!  (and twisted comics!)  YEAH MR. SATAN!  She likes Monkeys.

MGC - Monthly Gargoyles Characters... a monthly contest with themes for the Gargoyle lovin' artist!

TGS - The Gargoyles Saga.  Ever wish Gargoyles lived on?  ... well here it does... fanfic style!

KANTHARA'S LOFT - Another great friend and wonderful artist.  Check out that "sketchbook" Great stuff!

THE NEXUS - One of the few MEN in the Gargoyles Artist world.  Sweet guy with a big heart and awesome talent.

DREAMERS WORKSHOP - Siryn is always busy doing commissions and just being terminally CUTE! (she hates that!)

AL'S WORLD - This woman is WICKED with colored pencils and anthromorphs... did I mention she does awesome gargs too?

YLLA'S STUDIO - The cutest little fairy on the net!  Anime, Anthro and GARGS!

CASTLE RIVERWIND - Flynt has created THE place for screen grabs.

ELFWOOD - need to be inspired artistically?   Here is where I go to get inspiration.

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