Everything you never wanted to know about me:

Name:  Jennifer L. Anderson
Internet names:  CrzyDemona, Jae'elae, Eppy Shelby or Lady Orin  (Depends on what the voices tell me to do!)
Birthdate: September 16th
Anniversary:  July 19, 1993
Husband:  Alan S. Anderson
Kids:  Susan, Stephanie, Sydney, Fox.

Drawing, horseback riding, RPG's, kickboxing, collecting Gargoyles and Anime stuff, SCARY rollercoasters and playing with my kids.


Movies (Live action):
    - Lady Hawke
    - Aliens
    - Romeo and Juliet (the 60's version)
    - Star Trek 2, 4, 6 and 9
    - Star Wars Eps. 4, 5 and 6  (kiss my butt Jar Jar)
    - Shakespeare in Love
    - Thomas Crown Affair
    - Sliverado
    - Wayne's World
    - Austin Powers 2
    - Raiders of the Lost Ark

Movies (Animated):
    - Rescuers Down Under
    - The Last Unicorn
    - Secret of Nymh
    - Sleeping Beauty
    - The Lion King

    - Gargoyles
    - Slayers
    - Freakazoid
    - Animaniacs
    - Revolutionary Girl, Utena
    - Tenchi Muyo
    - Vampire Princess Miyu
    - Batman TAS
    - Lodoss Wars
    - Sorcerer Hunters

    - Vampire Princess Miyu
    - Lady Death
    - Xcalibur
    - Uncanny X-Men
    - Yu Yu Hakusho
    - Slayers

TV shows:
    - X-files
    - Star Trek TOS and TNG (the rest can rot)
    - Touched by an Angel
    - Who's Line is it Anyway
    - anything on the Discovery Channel or Cartoon Network

Animated Hunks:
    - Goliath, Gargoyles
    - Justin, Secret of Nymh
    - Zelgadis, Slayers
    - Youku Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho
    - Touga, Revolutionary Girl Utena
    - Eric, The Little Mermaid
    - Demetri, Anastasia
    - Larva, Vampire Princess Miyu
    - Malachite, Sailor Moon
    - Ashram, Lodoss Wars
    - Freakazoid, um... Freakazoid
    - Marron, Sorcerer Hunters
    - Bruce Wayne, Batman TAS
    - Gambit, X-men
    - Ferrio, Magical Knights of Rayearth
    - ACK this list could go on FOREVER!!

Animated Chicks I want to be:
    - Demona, Gargoyles
    - Lina Inverse, Slayers
    - Lita/Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon
    - Utena, Revolutionary Girl Utena
    - Elisa Maza, Gargoyles
    - Rogue, X-Men
    - Pirotess, Lodoss Wars
    - Kei, Dirty Pair Flash
    - Daphne, Scooby Doo
    - Dot Warner, Animaniacs  ;)

    Star Trek: New Frontier Saga
    Lord of the Rings
    Anything Stephen King
    Narnia Chronicles
    Curse of the Shadowbeasts, Christine Morgan (and just about anything she writes is a fav)

    - ANYTHING!   'cept I am REALLY burnt out on Mexican Food.  :P
    - Dr. Pepper... wouldn't you wanna be a Pepper too?
    - anything with noodles or rice and I am happy

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