The Gathering of the Gargoyles:  Orlando/2000 

Okay... it took me forever... but here it is!

Me and Greg


I show up late for my plane... The flight is delayed to noon so no biggie... RIGHT?   Wrong.

They overbooked the flight AND they canceled a flight from the night before and put as many as they could on my flight.   So now I show up and the Weisman's and Thom Adcox have already got their seats and I am about to be booted onto a 11pm flight that would get me in at 11am the next day.  I was NOT a happy Crzy Person. (except for the IMMEDIATE leg hugs I got from Erin and Ben Weisman).  So they seat everyone on the plane and I stand at the ticket counter and BEG to get any remaining seat.  Thom gave me an idea while i was in line.  He said to say that I was his wife...   So the wheels turn a bit... and I come up with a GREAT story.  I tell the airline people that my fiancé is already on the plane and I am suppose to be getting married in Orlando at noon the following day.  I HAVE to get on this plane!!  I can't take the later one.  I get the waterworks going and sure enough, people were bypassing that LAST seat to let the poor bride-to-be on the plane.  :)   When I finally get on the plane I was met by comforting cheers from my new fiancé, Thom and his best man, Greg.  hee hee.  I am so evil.

So we finally make it to Orlando.  YAY.  The ride to the hotel is uneventful but the check in WASN'T.   Apparently, Inga the Swedish exchange hotel clerk, couldn't understand that I needed to check into BOTH of my rooms at that point.  Frustrated I took any room I got and went to toss my stuff in it.  We all met back in the lobby in 15 minutes "Greg Time"  (At the con, any time Greg gives you to wait for him... multiply it by two).  So we stand around for a half an hour for Greg to return and then we head off in search of food... Denny's couldn't seat us all and so we headed to IHOP.  I was happy to see the Morgan's again, they always make me feel so wonderful, and besides that I was surrounded by my fan club (AKA Thom and Greg) so all was well with my nerves.  By this time I have TOTALLY forgotten who is coming in on what day.  So I sit out in the lobby waiting for the rest of my roomies.  Heather decided to torture me with blackmail pictures from last year.  O.O  (Heather, damn you!!  I want copies of those pics at least!!)  As I tried to explain to everyone in the lobby that the pictures were really innocent, despite Heather's story... Kythera showed up!   YAY!!   Big hugs and then I dragged her off to our room and got a tiny bit of sleep.


I was a dope and forgot to set my alarm clock.  So I woke up LATE!  EEK!   I scrambled into the shower and ran off to meet up with Thom and Greg to work on the Radio Play rehearsals.  About midway through someone's audition, Thom reached over and wrote on my copy "I have to pee... REALLY BAD"  I was desperately trying not to laugh and awaiting the wrath of Greg for being unprofessional.  Thom is always gettin' me in trouble!!

After slight chaos, the rehearsals went smoothly.  I even walked out with some hopefuls for the part that I wanted really really bad for myself!!  Damn those good actors!  I figured Greg would end up giving me another 6 lined part of mostly grunts and moans anyway... so I put it aside in my mind and went off to try to get some food and put my art up in the art show.

I ran into Rene Modesto (Damocles).  What a CUTIE!!  I was so happy that he was able to make it!!  Torturing all us art chicks from all the way down in Australia with his cuteness... it was nice to fawn over him in person for a change.  I made up a bunch of t-shirts and brought them over to Tim Morgan so he could pimp em off for me.  They went a lot faster than I ever could have expected and Sara (the Con Chair) wasn't very happy with me about the fact that one of the designs was also one of the poster winners.  Now that I think about it.  Just about everything I did annoyed Sara.  I have a knack for doing that.  O.O

Shortly after that I was heading to Thom's voice acting panel... and I was tackled by a KENNA!  YAY!  Kenna was there!   So I dragged her with me to the panel.  Thom is just adorable and the panel got lots of laughs.  We walked back to get Kenna registered... and I was tackled by Karine!    She literally JUMPED into my arms!!   Good thing I am a big girl, or we would have hit the floor!  Getting Kenna registered was relatively painless.  :)   Now that I think about it.... I have NO idea how I got my con badge.  Someone just sorta tossed it at me on my way to the auditions.  weird.

Thom, Kenna and I went over to Olive Garden for lunch (PASTA!!) and Mitch, Jen and Aimee met us there!  I was SO happy Aimee could make it.. she kept us in suspense until the last minute!!

Kathy and Patrick arrived and we hashed out things with the front desk again.  bleh.  then Alison and Carla showed up too.  Everyone who was staying in my room was now present and accounted for.   OFF TO DINNER!

We made a second attempt at Denny's.  YAY they had room for us!  Poor Greg had to sit between me and Alison.  Her and I were yelling and screaming at each other and he was definitely caught in the crossfire.   Then Alison dumped her chocolate milk and we decided she had had ENOUGH sugar for one day. (Kathy was just barely spared a chocolate milk bath).

We got back and watched Starship Troopers tapes that Greg brought for us... I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!

We all stayed up WAY too late and giggled and were stupid... Carla slept through it all until Alison LASHED at me with an awesome cut down!... then she just laid there with her eyes shut and giggled... which of course, cracked us up even more.  Meanwhile, Aimee and Mitch were eavesdropping on us as we chattered about them.    Hee hee!!


More auditions... I wasn't late this time, but Greg made fun of my breakfast choices.  (What is wrong with a bagel, cream cheese and catsup???)   I was so wired that I really wasn't hungry though!

Each year that there has been a radio play, there has been a HUGE line up of people wanting to audition.... this year we had to BEG people to audition.  Luckily the people we begged were pretty damn good!  So we wrapped up auditions and Thom, Greg and I headed to a quiet corner to cast the dang thing.

There was a part I wanted REALLY wanted in the Radio Play... but somehow knew I wasn't going to get it.  Greg was worried about people thinking it was favoritism that I would get the lead.  So we moved on and waited to cast that part.

Okay... here's my problem with the casting situation.  Greg and Thom are musing over the applicants.  ... and musing...  and musing...  PICK ONE DAMNIT!!!   I already had a good idea in my mind on who I wanted for what parts...  and I voiced them.  Then Greg would try to talk me out of it... and it rarely worked.   I sat there for a moment thinking about what a bossy bitch I was, then I got over it.  We didn't have TIME to mess around!

With the completed cast I ran up to the registration desk and announced the cast as Greg ran to get the scripts.  Rehearsal time!  ... only we had ONE no show.  Easy fix because I wanted Jessie Feff in another part anyway!  :P   So she got to read both parts.   ... By the way...   did I mention I got the lead?  .. and I didn't even have to sleep with the director to get it!  :P   I was on cloud nine!   Seth got the male lead and he and I play off each other well anyway... so it was really a lot of fun!

Then it was time for the play.  WOW.. for the first time the radio play would be ON TIME!  If I was nervous at all... that would be melted away when Greg's son Ben, yelled out my name from the front row.  ::turns into a puddle of goo::  Kids... I love em!

It was definitely the highlight of my weekend... Thank you, Greg, for giving me the chance to play the lead.  It meant a lot to me.

After the radio show... it was POURING rain.  A few crashes of thunder and the lights went out.  Leave it to me to be in a room full of other women when the lights go out.  ::sighs::  and worse yet... Alison could no longer blow dry her head.  O.O  (don't ask).

It was shortly afterwards that we realized the floor in our room was wet!  The rain outside was too much for our storm gutter and it was overflowing into a nice FOUNTAIN against our door!   We moved all our stuff to the beds and I called maintenance.  They said they would "Send someone out".   And we never heard from them again.   We walked over to get into the Banquet.  It was HOT and STICKY out.  bleh.   The power being out was fun for one reason.  Dinner by candlelight!   Christine once again abandoned her family with me (she won a spot with the celebrities.. brat).  So I swept them away to a quiet table with Kathy and Chris Rogers and his lovely lady.  We talked a bit about the incorporation of the fandom and I let Chris know that I was at his disposal for any help he needed.

Just as I was plotting to go get some candles and flashlights.  Beth came over to ask me if I would paint her kids faces for the Masquerade.  I agreed and also told her I would get her some flashlights as well.... no sooner had I spoken the words did the lights come back on!   Well... one last thing I didn't have to do before the masquerade.

So Kathy, Patrick and I head back to our rooms and the fun starts.   We had 10 people in ONE room putting on costumes.  The floor was still soaked and I called the front desk again.  At one point in a conversation I was having... I took my shirt off to get ready, only to remember that the person I was talking to was MITCH!  O.o  ... Sorry about that one Mitch.  I made a dash for the bathroom and spared him any more exposure.  Of course, he was standing in the middle of room in a speedo being painted blue... so what am I worried about??

A note to all...  Alison and dark purple face paint are a DANGEROUS combination.  That woman got purple EVERYWHERE.  Including on MY costume.. and Aimee's!  Our bathroom looked like the Easter Bunny exploded!  I would have left the maid a huge tip if it wasn't for the fact that my room stunk like moldy socks from the water seeping in.  Speaking of which... Just as we are all half naked and painted pretty colors.. the maintenance people show up with a vacuum to suck up the water.   "Come back in a 1/2 hour!!" ... they never did.

We trek over to the con area and get in line to enter the contest.  I caught Beth, Erin and Ben as they were on their way out... Greg sure has adorable kids.

As I am standing in line, I kept hearing Tim Morgan's voice.  But I couldn't see him anywhere!  ... it wasn't until he was RIGHT in front of me that it dawned on me that the blonde man with NO MUSTACHE was Tim!...  What a GREAT Owen costume!!

So without much time to think about it.  They shoved us one at a time into the room... no warning on what we were to expect or do.   So I storm into the room in my costume (Demona from Sanctuary with the wedding dress).    I pause to tell Thom I waited for him at the alter until Sundown!   (See 'Day One' for joke reference).  Sara then informs me I have to pose.   UGH!  I wasn't ready for that!   So I told the human scum what they could do with their pose!!

Next out was Mitch.   All dressed up as Jericho.  I couldn't resist.  I walked up as he was doing all his hot poses.  Only to have him grab me up and kiss me!!  WOO!  GO ME!  LOL.    ... I guess Kythera got jealous cuz she bolted out of the crowd and slung me over her shoulder to carry me off!    The whole time I was thinking "Okay... in this short dress I am sure EVERYONE can see my ass."  UGH.

Aaron Wheeler brought me a nice Demona mock up gun to pose with!!  I love a man who brings me weapons!!   After the IRC pic... I rushed to get in with my girls in the Valkyrie clan!!   I was having WAY too much fun.   Then they started handing out mardi gras necklaces and coins.   I made Kyt beg for a few shinies!   And I got a necklace for Greg.  (his costume was just too plain!)   Then I went back to my room to get rid of all the makeup and brow ridges.  (OW... I took off half of my eyebrows!!)  The shower was already purple from Alison the walking disaster area.   And the entire bathroom floor was soaked... NOT from the rain.  From Alison apparently forgetting to use a TOWEL to dry off.  So I got into my comfy clothes and headed back over to the dance.  I wasn't going to dance.. I swear it.   But then they put on Michael Jackson.   Old stuff, from Thriller.  I grabbed Meredith's fedora and did my best impersonation.  (okay... not my BEST).   I out moon walked them all!!   Then Siryn did a cartwheel.  whu oh.  It had been a good 5 years since I had done a cartwheel.  Do I dare?   I DO!!   I did a perfect cartwheel into a round off!   Sure.. I did a few more... and I KNEW I was going to hurt the next day.  ...there is just something that happens to you as you reach the age of 30 that makes you less likely to toss your ass up over your head... but there I was.   I was going to do a handstand but decided that my shirt wouldn't cooperate and I had flashed enough innocent bystanders for the day.   Finally, I sat down on the floor to plot with Christine and Kenna about what we were going to do next.  We decided to go back to our room and hang out.  I wrote Greg a note on where to meet us, but before I could give it to him he was standing behind me nudging the back of my head  (Which sorta turned me on... Greg... don't do that no more!).   So we trod back in a group to Patrick and Kathy's room to watch "George Lucas in Love" which was absolutely hysterical!  (Christine... I will pay hard cold CASH to get you to do up a version of that for us!)   After that, we chatted and stared at Thomas F. and wondered what planet he was on.  Maybe we were just REALLY sleepy... but he just wasn't making any sense at all!!

So with a few giggles... we all headed off to sleep.  (the floor in my room was STILL SOAKED!)


Okay... now the floor in my room STUNK!  I was NOT happy!  The hotel staff had to be taught NOT to annoy the CRZY person!    So after the hotel felt the wrath of Jen.. I met up with some of gang for breakfast.  The Auction was the big thing for today... but there was no way I was going to miss Patrick and Kathy revealing themselves as  the infamous "Madame Destine".  We had been toying with Denis and Thomas all weekend saying we had just seen her.  Now they actually got to see who was behind the scheming.  MUCH FUN!!

I also saw Greg Guler's character design panel.  VERY COOL!  Okay, I have a new hero.  Greg totally rocked.  Great speaker... lots of good info... and the lovely Victor Cook to hold his paper for him while he doodled for us!   Victor was a storyboard artist for the show.. and sadly, I missed his panel.  :(

The auction went on forever... but lots of good stuff was going for good prices.  I went over to bug Greg and Thom while they were signing stuff.   A few people came up while I was sitting next to Thom and asked me for my autograph on my "Evil Shouldn't Look This Good" poster.  YAY!   I am a celebrity!  ... NOT!   Thom got bored and wrote 'LEX' with a heart in big silver letters on my arm.  After the auction we watched '3x3 Eyes"  Aaron, Kenna and I made jokes through the whole thing.  When we finally heard Thom's voice... the crowd went wild.   Then when it was Greg's turn...  only a few caught it.  I looked at Greg and snickered.  Sucks to be the brains of the mission at times.

3x3 Eyes was over and we were STARVING.   So Thom said he found Red Lobster in walking distance.   We hit the road to find it... not quite what I had in MIND for WALKING distance Thom!  Especially having Erin and Becca in tow.  We get there and the line is HUGE.  I beg and plead... no good.  Hour wait.   Then the waitress hears my plight and says that another large group just left and she could seat us there.  YAY!!

Tim and I were having a discussion about people invading our personal space.  Tim put his arm around me and pulled me close and seductively asked what I would do if he invaded my personal space... so I kissed him.   I think this wigged Greg out a bit but he should know better by now.  Especially when it comes down to me and the Morgan family.  :P

We were finally seated and Thom and I had intentions to STUFF OURSELVES!  We did a damn good job too.  I don't think I should have a drink.. I am such a lightweight that it was a nice happy little buzz.  :)   I tend to say stupid things when I am buzzing.  O.o

At any rate.  We were late to opening ceremonies.  We made Thom eat REALLY fast then RUN back to the hotel and stall for us.  Of course, in Sara's eyes this was all MY fault somehow.  O.o  figures.  I was tickled to know that the words "The Gathering" can be moved around on a peg board to say "Get Greg in here".   So as we watched Thom take off his clothes to show us all his Tattoos  (he was going for that East LA gang banger look that evening).  Greg rushed Erin back to their room and jetted over to take over closing ceremonies.

Big shocker to me!   I won 2nd place in the art show for my "Sailor Gargs" drawing.  It was also the only one that made it to the auction!!  (thanks Benny for supporting my artwork!)  ... and to think I almost didn't bring that one!   I also got a really cool trophy for my 2nd place Cannon Character costume!  YAY ME!

Thom got up to present his "Thom Adcox" award.  This is an award he can give to anyone for any reason.  So he started going on about a special person he got to know at the con this year.... and the romantic evening the other night in his room.   ... At this point several people (Greg included) turn and GLARE at ME!   Thankfully Thom gave the award to Patrick "Chavez" Toman.  It was all good for a HUGE laugh!!

Greg re-pitched the G2001: LA  con and sounded for all the world like a televangelist.   I think he missed his calling.  :P   We sold 76 pre-registrations!!   well on our way to making G2001 the biggest Gathering EVER!!

We watched more 3x3 eyes and then decided to take our chances and head to the pool.  (we KNEW we would get kicked out).  So Thom, Kathy, Greg and I went for a swim.   Kenna supervised on deck.  Sure enough, I got about 3 laps in and they booted us.   So we drip dried a bit before scrambling back to Patrick and Kathy's room.  (which was now my room too thanks to the stinky wet floor in my room!)  Greg demonstrated why he gets weird about kisses from fans... and used Thom to demonstrate.   I wish I had a camera.  (I think this sorta turned me on... Don't do that anymore, Greg!)  LOL.

Finally, Tim Morgan came staggering in from his wine tasting in Mitch's room.  WOO is he funny when he is toasted!!   Then Kathy, Kenna and I started singing Rocky Horror tunes!   We were so damn tired.

Finally we got to sleep.  Big day at MGM the next morning!!

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