Cels I loved but lost...  A Tribute

These are cels I have sold... gone from me, but never forgotten.  I will miss them all...

Spark   Spark - Lodoss Wars TV... He was so dear and sweet..

Larva   My only Larva cel... my heart yearns for you!

Ryoko   Ryoko... so sweet and thoughtful... I will truely miss you. >:)

Ryoko   Sasami... wasn't she darling?

Nagi   Nagi ... Arch rivals are to be mourned too...

Ayeka    Ayeka... you ugly thing... I will miss even the likes of you...

Gourry  Gourry Darling... How could I not miss such a beauty as you??  (But you got me a GREAT wishlist trade!!)

Goury and Lina   I wanted this one for the Gourry... but Lina was stuck to him.   Possessive Witch!!  So off to a new home they go!

Lina    Another one lost to eBay.   All for the love of more cels!  Farewell, Lina!

Zelgadis    Zelgadis... I think I will miss you most of all.  *sniffles*  I HATE to part with a Zelgadis Cel.  But it was a very good trade.

Washu   This one went to a good cause.  I gave it to a very good friend of mine.  :)  Thanks for everything, Kenna!

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