Cel Gallery - Slayers

This is my all time FAVORITE anime.  Zelgadis you HUNK!

Zelgadis Cels!- Cels of Zelgadis Greywords

Rezo/Kopii Rezo Cels- Cels of Rezo/Kopii Rezo

Xelloss Cels- Cels of Xelloss

Lina Cels!- Cels of Lina Inverse

Gourry Cels!- Cels of Gourry Gabriev

Melgasia Cels!- Cels of Melgasia

Amelia Cels!- Cels of Amelia

Valgaav Cels- Cels of Valgaav

Misc Mazoku and Villians!- Cels of Gaav, Martina, Naga, Filia... and MORE!

Slayers Group Cels- Cels of the whole gang!!

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