Updated 8/12/99

This page was taking WAY too long to load.... so I had to put all of the older stuff over here.

(may take a moment to load the pics... sorry  :(  )

CrzyDemona   Here is a pic from Elisagoyle (Kenna Street)  (one of my bestus best buddies)  Yes, this is really how I sit at the computer.

CrzyDemona by Kenna Street   Thanks go to Christi Smith Hayden for this great pic of Orin. :)

Orin by Spike    My good friend Theresa (T-BIRD!!)  Her version of Orin.

Orin by Flynt   FLYNT!  Thank you!!  Great pic!

Demona by Demonalisa  Demonalisa, GREAT Demona pic... thanks!

Orin by Spike   Christi's first sketch of Orin.  I owe her a pic of Spike... big time.

Jericho Present  Siryn's Birthday present for me!  Between this pic and Christine's story  (Jericho and the Amazons) it was a VERY good B-day

Orin  Siryn's pic of Orin we did as an art trade. Thanks bunches Si!

Jericho  Aimee "Angela" Major's Christmas gift to me!  I WUV YOU, AIMEE!!

  I won a contest from Karine.. and this beautiful pic of Orin was my prize!

Demona Transformer  A guy I met online did this for me years ago  His name was Robert... we don't speak anymore but the pic is still cool.  Transformers Demona

SD Orin  One of my very first online friends, Mike, Made this SD version of Orin for me :)

Orin  Aimee strikes again!  A great pic of Orin by Ms. Major.

Ari and Crzy Kitties!  Ari Kitty and Crzy Kitty... Family?

Orin  My teacher cleaned up a drawing by a classmate of mine... here is a pic of Orin by Disney Animator Ruben Apodaca

Orin  ... and here is Jeff's original Orin, Thanks Jeff!

Captive  Alison Wilgus finally gave in to my pleas... Here is a pic of Orin, Sister... and their little "Friend"  :)

Jericho  Another beauty of Jericho By Alison  (this time without the restraints)  o.O

Related?  Karine had this gift for me at G99.   Really... I don't see the resemblance at all!  ::giggles::

Crzy Kitty  Aimee Major did this adorable version of Crzy Kitty   =^.^=

Orin as a Hatchling  Titania did this pic of Orin as a hatchling!  awwwww!!

Orin by Ylla  Ylla is WICKED with CG.   Here is her version of Orin - THANKS!

CrzyDemona by Exin   CrzyDemona by Exin

Jericho by Titania  another Jericho at my mercy!   MWAA HAA HAA  Thanks Titania! :)

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