Updated 03/08/00

I have had a few people draw some pictures for me.  I was selfish and printed them out, hung them on my walls and didnt let anyone but me enjoy them.


 Well, as far as Guest Pics are concerned, at least >:)

Guest Art Archive #1 - 8/21/99

Guest Art Archive #2 - 11/21/99

You all sent me so many wonderful pics that I had to archive some of them!

Latest additions below!

03/08/00 Update

Jengoyle - Jengoyle by Aimee Major.  Aimee Major and I scarfed burgers at In and Out and created JENGOYLE for me.  Still in the early stages.. but I think she is pretty cool!  (I wanna know where I can find a box of Canned Males!!)

Jengoyle - Jengoyle by Aimee Major.  A little miffed that I haven't decided on a wing design for Aimee to draw for her.  <:)

Love me! - Love me! by Aimee Major.   I was feeling down and Aimee drew my alter egos (CrzyKitty and Orin) all cute and sad!!  It was a great cheer up present!

Mammoth - Mammoth.  Aimee strikes again!  This was a commission I have been nagging her about for ages.  My friend Jason's RP character, Mammoth.  ISNT HE A HUNK!!!

CrzyKitty - CrzyKitty by Aimee Major.   Aimee did this pic to sell on ebay of my version of a Jennifer Danger Kitty ((c) Aimee Major).  She is helping me raise money to pay off an old and annoying old debt.  :P

NO FIGHTING! - STOP FIGHTING!  Poor Pogo in the middle of a catfight between Ramona and AimeeGoyle.  (it is so tough to be a hunk!).  Of course, CrzyDemmie isn't helping matters much... ::snickers::  as usual!   Thanks again, Aimee!

Orin Arch - Orin by Karine.  Kanthara suprised me with this GREAT pic of Orin on an archway.  The thumbnail doesn't do it justice.. a MUST CLICK!  hee hee

Piling up! - Pile up! by Karine.  Kanthara does a group pic of all us Art Chicks!  Glad I am not at the bottom of that pile!!   Present are:  Aaliyah, CrzyDemona, Ylla, Eden, Ali, Siryn, AimeeGoyle, Ithil, Kanthara... and some gender confused art chick named Spike... go figure.

Bad Ass Chicas! - Badass Chicas!  KYTHERA GETS AN IPEN!  ... and WAY too many ideas!!  One thing is for sure, Kyt and Crzy are one bad ass team!

- Orin by Kythera.  Kythera and her trusty iPen did this freehand in Photoshop.  She doesnt like it... but I love the mood of it.  Thanks again Kyt!

Flower - Flower by Kythera.  Crzy has a REALLY bad grumpy day... so Kythera brings her a flower to cheer her up.  LOVE HER!  (Do you ever use PAPER anymore, girlie?)

Tiny Demona - Tiny Demona!  Kythera did a few minatures for me!!  This was the first ... it was my birthday present from her.  This little one is only about an inch tall.. LOOK AT THE DETAIL!!!

Tiny Orin - Tiny Orin!  If you think her Demona was cool... this will blow you away!  Even check out the details on the rocks!  (and she made those too!)

Orin - Orin by Kythera.  Kythera strikes again!

Orin - Orin by Mystique.   I owe you one kiddo!  :)

Orin - CrzyKitty by Sanji.   Thank you!!  ::floats off like CrzyKitty::

Cute Demona - Cute Demona by Siryn.   She drew this to cheer me up... guess what... it worked!  :)

Loveline - Loveline by Siryn.  Siryn coaches us all on how to handle our men.  :)  Featuring Aimee, CrzyDem, Ithil and Kanthara!  hee hee

Orin - Orin by Theresa (aka T-Bird).  One of my oldest online friends.  Very pretty pic!  Thanks hun!

Jericho - Jericho by Theresa (who put the T in T-bird!)  The caption reads "Christine Morgan's Jericho, er... actually.. if you ask Jen.. he's HER Jericho."

Garg Man - GargMan, by Ylla.  And here Ylla thought she couldn't draw men!!  I challenged.. she met the challenge... the result.. GREAT PIC!  thanks Ylla!  Check out more of Ylla's artwork here!

CrzyDemona - CrzyDemmie by Lilenth.   Bazooka's, the best way to get a good nights rest.

Orin - Orin by Titania.  This has GOT to be one of the CUTEST Orin pics I have ever recieved!!  THANK YOU!!!

Family! - Family by Ithaca.  Wow... this is a special one.  Ithaca saw a pic of my whole family... and decided to draw us a gargoyles.  AREN'T WE CUTE???

12/27/99 Update

Titania's Christmas Crzy - Titania did this GREAT pic of CrzyDemona all prettied up in holiday style.  She is so CUTE!!

Jae'elae and her captive! - Okay, Dirce just keeps impressing me!!  Great pic of Jae'elae and Jericho from Christine Morgan's story for me "Jericho on the Island of Amazon Women".   It is great to be the Golden One!  hee hee!

Orin New Year! - Dirce has Orin all dolled up for the New Year!  I  love that dress, I think it is a good color for Orin, what do you think?

CrzyDemona, Eva style! - CrzyDemona a la Eva!!   Eva is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites!   I love her style!!

Orin by Kythera - Kythera has some fun with Orin's hair!   Mature eyes only!  You can't really see anything... but she IS nude.  (Thank goodness for long green hair!)

Jericho by Lerena - Here was a suprise!  I got a nice e-mail from Switzerland... and lookie what they did for me, cute widdle Jericho!!   Thank you very much Lerena!!

Orin by Kenna Street - Kenna Street did this GREAT pic of Orin, ANIME STYLE!!!

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