Updated 11/21/99

Here is the next section of pics from all my wonderful friends and online buddies!!

(may take a moment to load the pics... sorry  :(  )

Jericho  Aimee Major strikes again!   I show up at her place, eat her food, drink her Dr. Pepper and on top of it all... she gives me new drawings!!  She dubbed this "David Bowie Jericho".  I call him YUMMY!

Demona  Aimee did this great pic of Demona as well.  I LOVE the hair!

Malachite and Demona  Crossover pic from my bestus buddy, Kenna "Elisagoyle" Street.  I LOVE Malachite from Sailor Moon, so she set him and Crzy up on a date.  heh heh heh... Zoicite doesnt look very happy about it.   heh heh heh....

Divas!!  Kenna Street drew this one for me AGES ago (we are talking YEARS here).  I dug it up and scanned it.   Left to right:  DemonaPuck, Elisagoyle, CrzyDemona.  We ruled the AOL chat rooms back then... ah yes... the good ol' days.

Demona of Borg  Another oldie but a goodie from Kenna.   Demona of Borg!  The Borg's last mistake!  I love it when she crosses over my obsessions!!

Orin by DemonaMay  Demona May Stephens drew this GREAT pic of Orin.  She really nailed the look.

Art Chicks!  Kanthara draws the Art Chicks!!  ::clears her throat::  oh yeah... and Spike to.  ::hopes Spike wasn't offended::    Clockwise from the left:  Kanthara, Siryn, Alison, CrzyDemona (that's me!), AimeeGoyle, Spike.  Aren't we so CUTE!?

Art Chicks and Mega Babies!  Kanthara yet again!  Here are the art chicks wondering where the heck Kanth has been!  Left to right:  CrzyDemona, AimeeGoyle, Siryn, Kanthara and MEGA BABIES!

Orin  Kythera sent me this very moving picture of Orin.  She is such a lonely gargoyle... Kythera really captures that in this drawing.  Thanks hun!


Touga by Aimee  After a fun night of trick or treating with Aimee and Crisso, we watched "Revolutionary Girl, Utena"  Aimee and Crisso doodled stuff for me!  WEEEE!!  Here is Touga by Aimee Major.

Touga by Aimee   Touga again, looking hunky as usual.  By Aimee Major

Touga by Crisso   As Kenna and I drooled over Touga... Crisso drew us fawning over him.  He looks rather confident... doesn't he?

Nanami by Aimee  Aimee's favorite Utena character, Nanami!!

Utena by Aimee   Utena, Aimee style!

Utena by Aimee   One more Utena for the road!   Thanks to Aimee and Crisso for a GREAT Halloween!

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