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March 3, 2001

Another year has come and I am STILL behind on my artwork!   I have been working my tail off on remodeling my house and work on the Gathering 2001 in Los Angeles.

If anyone gives a hoot... here's information on the house:


The blue pic is the OLD walls... the pink is the NEW stuff!

We have one HELL of a Gathering going on this year... so be sure to check out that web site too!


Thanks to everyone for their help and patience with me through all this!    ONWARD TO THE ART!!


Ryoko - Space pirate, Ryoko!!  In her birthday suit.  O.O  Nudity warning!  :P   Special thanks to Stephanie Lostimolo for help with the groovy hair do!

Rezo and Zelgadis - Rezo the Red Priest and his Grandson/Great Grandson, Zelgadis.  This was a commission for one of my friends.  I love my twisted friends!!  The spell is the puppet master spell used to control Zelgadis in Rezo's tower.  >:)    YAOI WARNING!

Kitty Fine - I had nearly forgotten about this one!  Team effort by Karine and I.  She doodled it up and I colored it!  ME LIKE TO COLOR!!  The character 'Kitty Fine' is solely her property.   Thanks for the opportunity Karine!

Zelgadis - Zel in ink and Trias.  I sold this one on Ebay... and my friend Cindy snagged up!  :)  Thanks Cindy!

Zel and Amelia - Zel and Amelia (YES, they BELONG together!  DIE you Amelia haters!! DIEEEE!!)  Ahem... I decided they needed a new look.

Ferrio - Just a little doodle inspired by one of my cels of Ferrio.

Gourry - Gourry showing off his manly muscles...

Nakie Zel - Zel showing off his... OH MY!

Resha? - Kenna's character 'Resha' (or whatever she is calling him this week).  He's a werewolf and I decided he needed a 1/2 and 1/2 form.  :)


Fan Fiction

Bad Girls! - For Christine Morgan's latest romp with the Gargoyles world.  "Bad Girls"  Read it here!   You won't regret it!

Original Characters

Demona - A birthday present for my friend, Greg.  Nudity Warning!

Role Playing

Orin and Coraly - Commissioned by Karine... her character, Coraly and my character, Orin, kick some ass together!

Orin - Just a quick doodle of Orin.   Obviously not happy.

November 7, 2000

Yeah, yeah... I know I have been slacking off on updates.  So sue me!   I have been working on The Gathering and we have some really awesome guests and events in store for everyone, so don't forget to check out our web site at :

I have also been updating my cel collection like a CRZY woman.  You can find it in my "Other Stuff" section!  (along with my report on Gathering 2000 in Florida!)

Okay... on with the art!!


CrzyKitty The things I do to try to get my friends to the Gathering!   CrzyKitty begs AimeeKitty to join them!  (Danger Kitties belong to Aimee)

Dark Elf  A commissioned piece for Scott Mercure.  A Dark Elf from a book he is working on.  BLUE SKIN RULES!!

Girls  Another commission for Tim and Christine Morgan. Some characters from an RPG they are playing.

Kenna and Xelloss  My friend Kenna is as obsessed with Xelloss as I am Zelgadis!!   Sure, Xel is cute but he just can't compete with Zel's voice!!

Kenna and Zelgadis  Another one for Kenna. This time with a Human Zelgadis.  (please note I did NOT put her in a sexy pose like the Xel one!! ::jealous::)

Doujinshi cover  Another Doujinshi Cover!  I will probably never get to this Zel and Amelia story (as me and my co-author disagree on the story!)   But I had fun with the cover anyway.

Xel and Zel  Warning.... Shounen-Ai ahead!  Xelloss is such a trickster!!  He is sneaking a kiss from a startled Zelgadis.  Why are they missing their shirts?  Because I like half naked Mazoku!!  :P  One day I will put a background on this one.

Kenna was gonna draw me a pic of Touga and Zelgadis in the style of Utena (have I mentioned I love their voice actor?).  So I thought it only fair that I draw Xelloss for her in the same style.  Just a doodle!  :)

  I couldn't help myself.  I had to do it.  Zelgadis in the style of Utena.

Kanth  Again with the Utena thing??  Jen... you gotta knock that off!!  For my good friend, Karine!  Her gargoyle character in the style of her favorite Anime!!  (I knew you would get hooked on it!!)

Orin  A commission I did of Orin (my own Fanfic character).  I really like how this one turned out, but it scanned really badly.  :(

Orin  Orin again, this time in the style of "Magic Knights of Rayearth"   I was going to sell this on Ebay but Karine snagged it from me first!  :)  Thanks Karine!

June 19, 2000

UPDATE!!  Okay, here's the new art.  I am still working on updating the Guest art.  WHEW this has been a hectic move.


Kenna's hunks!  I did this one for my friend Kenna.  Her favorite hunks from her favorite Animes.  Clockwise from the top, Touga, Zelgadis, Xelloss and Miki.

Rabble Rouser, Maradydd's entry into the GURP's Villians.

Capt. Calhoun and Lyrith, I sent the Star Trek: New Frontier books to my buddy Christine... and she wrote me a fanfic!!  Check out the story "Sacrifice"

Ylla, Everyone's favorite art chick fairy!

ZOI!  Zoicite from Sailor Moon (and my friend Kenna's RP character).  Kenna drew this pic, I just colored it in.  :)

Gaav from Slayers and my character Jae'elae.  No one seems to think Gaav is a hottie... but he reminds me of a Human Jericho.  ;)

Vampire Princess Miyu and her faithful Shinma, Larva - I sold this one on Ebay.

Jengadis! - I was watching Slayers and got bored.... so I drew myself as a Chimera like Zelgadis!  :)

MGC Entry.  Oedipus and Jocasta (Played here by Jericho and Demona).  I got runner up!!

Orin - This was my first Ebay auction.  She sold suprisingly well. :)

Kythera - She sorta dared me to draw her in anime style.  >:)   She has Kenshin hair!!

To the NEWBIES! - These amazing art chicks did a little tribute page for us old broads.  So we did a thanks you back.

ZelGarg - another one that Kenna drew and I colored.  ISNT HE CUTE!!!  ::snuggles her little ZelGarg::

June 2, 2000
Aimee forced me to have this page.  Blame her for my rambles on life!

Well... I guess this is the first installment of Crzy's News.  I am busy working my butt off on getting the Mansion moved to this site and off of Geocities.  I did finally get some art work done and will be posting it when things are moved to the new site.  So.. um... until then.  I guess that is all I have to say!

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