WISH LIST!  (from HELL!) 

These are the cels I covet the most yet do not have in my collection.  If you see these cels for sale or own them and want to sell them. WRITE ME!

When I actually GET one of my dream cels, I put a line through the text, that does NOT mean I am not looking for MORE of them though!  ;)

Let's start with my Crispin Freeman collection:
I want a cel of every character that Mr. Freeman has done a voice for.
Zelgadis and Prince Hallas from Slayers
Touga and Dios from Utena
Captain Tyler from Irresponsible Captain Tyler
Spark and Grassrunner Maar from Lodoss Wars (TV)
Dante from Geobreeders
Kagetsu from Shamanic Princess

NOTE:  These are put in alphabetical order from the series.

Ones I must own at any cost or I will have to commit vile crimes upon humanity are in WHITE!

DISCLAIMER:  If I have posted a cel that you have in your gallery... please forgive me, some of these are so old I have forgotten where I got them from.   If you do own any of the cels I have posted here... um... wanna sell em?  ^_^;;

Bakuretsu Hunters (Sorcerer Hunters):

Gateau flirting with Marron
Chocolat and Tira (especially in their transformed outfits)
Marron kicking some sorcerer ass!
Carrot getting beat up by Chocolat and Tira
- Ruche
- Dark Schneider spell casting
Dirty Pair Flash:
Kei and Yuri fighting
  - Flair kicking ass!
Flair in her cloak
Flashback of Iris and Molly
Fam & Irhie (Ruin Explorers):
  - Irhie!
  - Lyle!!  Hunk-o-RAMA!
  - Queen Rihiana
Fire Emblem:
Navahl (my fav of the show...UGH, I like those stoic ones!)
Demona in exo-suit
Demona with any of her weapons of choice
Future Tense Demona or Brooklyn
Goliath in human form
Demona in human form
Macbeth sword fighting with Goliath.
Elisa and Goliath (preferably the kiss)
Ophelia (yeah... I am dreaming)
Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets):
Princess (preferably oogling the oblivious Mark... GET A CLUE MARK!!  SHE WANTS YOU!)  *ahem*
Zoltar (without the mask)

Gundam Wing:

   - Duo Maxwell
   - Zechs (no mask)
Heroic Legend of Arislan:
  - Arislan
  - Daryoon
  - Gieve
  - Narciss
  - Pharangese
Hermes (without helmet)
Lodoss Wars:
Ashram with Pirotess
Orson and Shiris
Spark (TV)
Grassrunner Maar (TV)
Magical Knights of Rayearth OAV:
Clef and Umi (together)
Ferrio and Fuu (together)
Hikaru and Lantis (together)

Metal Angel Marie (Boku no Marie):

Hibiki ("I need your thingy!"  or kicking ass)
Sailor Moon:
Alan (Human or alien form)
Prince Darion (Endymion)
Dark Lady
Queen Beryl
Jupiter carrying Moon on her back


  - Zelgadis in drag  Thank you, Melissa!!
- Zel gets caught flirting with the princess... Lina teases him.
  - Zelgadis as a human
  - Zelgadis being used as an anchor
  - Zel... what a big... SWORD you have!
- Amelia runs to help the injured Zelgadis.
  - Zel and Amelia (yes... they belong together!  Flame me later you Amelia haters!!)
  - Zel and Lina walking arm in arm at the temple of Marriage.
  - Zel casting Ra Tilt
  - Lina and Gourry KISSING!
  - Xelloss Kissing Lina
  - Gourry looking Hunky
   Gaav beating up Xelloss
  - Halciform
  - Kopii Rezo
  - Rezo
   - Martina fawning over Gourry/Xelloss/Zangulus
-  Zelgadis in his undies
  -  Gourry in his undies or a towel
  - Xelloss looking a bit nervous as Lina/Zel is ready to blast him (or already blasted)
  - Lina beating on anyone.
  - Xelloss pissed off with his eyes OPEN.
  - the whole group casting spells as one against Kopii Rezo
  - Group Panic!
  - Group Crossdressing!
- Xelloss with one finger up (That.. .is a secret!)
- Lina and Gourry beating each other up
- Zel and Amelia casting Ra Tilt together
- Valgaav as a child
- Valgaav half transformed
- Zel holding Amelia when she is injured
- Amelia grabbing Zel around the waist when Xelloss shows up

Tenchi Muyo:

Ryoko and Ayeka fighting over Tenchi
Tenchi grown up (preferably all sweaty from sex!)
Tenchi's dad, young
Achika, Tenchi's Mom
Tenshi ni Narumon:
  - Gabriel
  - Raphael
  - Michael
  - Yuusuke's teacher  (with her glasses on!)
  Touga! (I am very picky on Touga cels)
- Utena (especially with her sword)
   Touga and Seionji as kids
  Touga trying to woo Utena
- Nanami being devious
- Wakaba jumping on Utena's back
  Dios (I dream yet again)
  - Seionji in his skirt
- Miki looking for his shiny thing.  O.o
- Chigusa (from the video game)
   - Sakon with beard
   - Ayame
   - Ryoma
   Sakon kissing Ayame!!
   - Ranmaru
Yu Yu Hakusho (Poltergiest Report):
  - Kurama with the rose whip
Youku Kurama (fox form)
Hiei (NOT in his green freaky form)
  - Hiei and Kurama together
  - Hiei and Youku Kurama
Hiei with his sister (FORGOT HER NAME!)
  - Youku Kurama and his old partner, Kuronue
  - Kuronue

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